Sunday, 11 September 2011

Participation in Occupation 2

This blog will now continue on to the second semester of participation in occupation 2. The class has been asked to pick a chosen topic of interest to talk about though out this next few weeks. My chosen activity is Baking. I will be blogging each week about this chosen topic. The blogs are related to the different topics we learn in class. These are Mindfulness, Ergonomics, Affordance, Ambiance, Practical considerations and Work and labour. I will head my bloods with each of these titles and will touch on the different areas throughout my blog.

Baking is a very special and meaningful occupation for me. I have been baking ever since i was able to hold a mixing spoon. It was one way that me and my two other siblings spent time with my mum. Baking was always  done as a family when I was young. Eventually as I got older I mastered the skill of baking and became the baker of my family known for my Christmas ginger bread men,  chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake. Baking is an occupation I am good at and is definitely appreciated by my friends and family. It is meaningful to me and is a way for me to relax after a busy week at course and to think. Also the reward of eating home baking once out of the oven YUM!

I will be adding additional recipes and definitions at the bottom of each blog which should not count towards my word count.


  1. Hey Amanda!

    I think your interest in baking is awesome! How often do you bake? And what do you prefer to bake??

    I love home made baking :)


  2. Hey Chloe :P

    My favorite thing to bake is chocolate cake which I use to bake more but lately I havn't made it because im trying to bake new things not just this one cake. I bake most weekends and when I am procrastinating at home. I also bake more around the holiday season like Christmas and birthdays :).